The Problem

Last winter we went for a VFR night flight with forecast for smooth and clear weather but soon the weather changed with fog approaching fast. With visibility deteriorating we decided to turn back to land. Navigating around and through patches of fog was very difficult and stressful despite knowing the area quite well. Without being able to see 100% the final approach and landing proved also to be a handful. When we finally landed, the fog had covered the airfield making thus taxiing back to the apron a herculean task ending up at the wrong taxiway. That was the moment that we realised that general aviation would benefit from a night vision camera! As we looked more into it, we found out that in 2016, private pilots in US met with more 1500 runway incursions according to FAA and, in Europe were around 5000 incidents between 2005 and 2011 as reported by EASA.